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Inclusive, sustainable, healthy and resilient. Mobility and the city in the post-pandemic scenario.

Call “Replegar-se per créixer: l’impacte de les pandèmies en un món sense fronteres visibles” (Pandèmies 2020)
14/5/2021 – 13/11/2022

The impact of COVID19 pandemic have tested the resilience of our transport system forcing the population to disrupt their mobility habits. Mobility, in its function of providing accessibility to basic necessities, had to adapt to these new circumstances which have led to an elevate amount of people to opt for new transport models as electric bicycles, scooters and motorcycles or shared vehicles. These transport elements configure a group known as micromobility.

The present project presents a double objective. First of all, understanding and evaluating the change of the mobility patterns produced by the COVID19 crisis in all his dimensions by using transdisciplinary and innovative methods applied to different territories (Barcelona, Sabadell, Reus) and groups of population (age, gender, income).  In second place, this project has the objective of discerning in which way the availability of micromobility services has endorsed of difficulted the adaptation to this new mobility paradigm.

The results must focus on the decision making in relation with two key aspects: how to keep the mobility in a sustainable model and which role can play the micromobility in the configuration of post pandemic mobility.