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Electric, light and shared. Micromobility in Spain and its environmental, social and health impact. A multimethod aproach with GIS, tracking and accelerometry.

Call 2019 – «Proyectos de I+D+i», Ministeri de Ciència, innovació  universitats.
1/6/2020 – 31/5/2023

The present project sets as a principal objective to study the mobility in the new transport means such as electric vehicles and shared vehicles. This new means have appeared in the past years in cities all around the world. To understand the fundamental aspects of Personal Mobility Vehicles (VMP) and the shared bicycles and motorcycles and its users profile it’s primordial to evaluate its actual impact and environmental, social and health potential.

The principal challenge is to study for first time in Spain the new personal mobility patterns. By the multidisciplinarity of the team we plan a multi method design with the objective of not only understand the idiosyncrasy of these mobility means but the impacts in terms of urban mobility, environment, health and use of public space.

The territorial scope of research will consist of different urban and metropolitan environments associated with the members of the research teams. The Metropolitan Region of Barcelona, Granada and the Balearic Islands will be the scope at national level. At international level we will consider the urban areas of Guadalajara (Mexico), Warsaw (Poland) and Santiago de Chile.