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The Research Group on Mobility, Transportation and Territory (GEMOTT, Department of Geography UAB), is conducting an academic study that explores the daily walking mobility patterns among the elderly (+65 years old) in the Barcelona Metropolitan Region (RMB). This project is lead by Prof. Carme Miralles-Guasch and has been awarded with funding in the RecerCaixa 2016 project.

The study aims to analyze how the elderly from the RMB travel on foot in their day to day, and in what kind of urban environments these trips take place.

To this end, the GEMOTT has designed a tracking experiment based on monitoring all participants’ daily trips during a natural week (7 days), using two different devices, completely anonymously.

  1. “Actigraph” bracelet: a small bracelet the size of a watch that measures the intensity of the physical activity of the subject wearing it.
  2. GPS device: a small device embedded in the belt or in the pocket, which records the participants’ routes.

actigraph gps

 For more information and to keep updated, please visit the project website!