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The Gemott

The Research Group on Mobility, Transportation and Territory (or GEMOTT) was born in 1994 at the Department of Geography at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Formed by an interdisciplinary team, focuses its research on daily mobility from territorial, social and environmental perspectives.

The main research areas of GEMOTT are:

    • The effects of territorial dynamics on daily mobility patterns.
    • The use and perception of space and time in the dynamics of everyday mobility.
    • Social aspects of mobility: cohesion-exclusion of social groups in relation to transport models.
    • The gender perspective in mobility studies.
    • The environmental costs of daily mobility.
In this context, the GEMOTT aims to develop three basic objectives:
    • Perform academic research.
    • Develop conceptual and methodological tools to improve the management of mobility and the transport system of a territory.
    • Transfer knowledge to companies, public administrations and NGOs.